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9th Birthday Party

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Thanks to everyone for an amazing party

We gathered at the Civic Hall in Totnes to celebrate nine years of radio - nine years, non-stop, continuous broadcasting.

Seany T kicked things off on the decks, with Davide drumming along to the music. Ru and Claire introduced Germseed, who embraced the space and everyone in it with immersive, howling sounds pierced through with high pitched bells. She placed red lights around us and looked up with a big smile, before blasting out some seriously dirty electronic noise.

The Honkjazz set got everyone dancing, and ended with Twist and Shout, on rather jumpy vinyl. By then the Dartington Morris men had turned up, deviating from their Children in Need pub crawl. They began to dance to the DJs and played about with Germseed's red LED lights. We finished with an unexpected traditional dance, and all formed a circle to dance together.

Somehow the event was a perfect microcosm of the radio station - unpredictable, warm, bizarre and magical.