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Yes it's that time of year again. We welcome submissions for our warped seasonal playlist.

What is the good of community media if one cannot build new anuual rituals there? Once again we will be broadcasting Jingle Hell, this year between 24th and 31st December. Each year the content grows and changes. Always it questions and distorts media representations of the season - this is not so much an anti-Christmas broadcast, but a love letter to the Christmas many of us actually experience. Here the carols and seasonal pop favourites have been slowed, looped, chopped and changed, building in a psychological layer - how they sound in our dreams and memories, or through a wall or passing doorway. We might wander round the shops with a microphone, capturing the musics and muzacs, arguing voices, the ringing of the tills. Sketches, stories and jingles work well too.

We are open to new ideas, and new bits and bobs of audio to add to the playlist. There will be a change of mood on 25th December, when we'll be broadcasting a day of prayer - all kinds of prayer, from all times, faiths and places. And on 26th, when we're planning a day of radio dramas.

Please get in touch if you have any original audio to send us.