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'Music against Borders' from Calais migrants camp LIVE

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Greetings and appreciation to Alice and all who took part in the concert this afternoon. After a bit of a delay, we were able to go live to Calais to hear some of the musicians staying in the camp there. If you tuned in, thanks for waiting! This morning a resident from the camp told Alice from Soundart Radio how her children have to wait in a queue all day to eat one meal. Puts waiting for this gig into perspective...

Alice is in the big camp in Calais today, 18 December 2015. Six thousand skilled and educated people, including musicians, are temporarily resident in terrible conditions. 

Today is United Nations International Migrants Day. In a partnership with Music against Borders, Soundart Radio connected us up with people who wait in the camp, talking and performing to communicate their experience and hopes for the future. 

Alice broadcast this morning for nearly two hours, offering a live, unedited platform to those who wanted to speak. If you missed this moving and powerful broadcast, we plan to re-play sections once she's back in Devon.

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