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Casting - a magical radio experience

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We're at the V&A this Friday evening - come and join us there.

Radio is a magical art, of voices encoded and embedded in energetic waves, sent out into the atmosphere. Seeking to make change in the world, the disembodied voices drift through our lives. Those who speak the words know the effect they want, but do not know who will here it, how it will be received.

Join us for Casting at the V&A this Friday. Part of Radio V&A, one of their series of Friday Late events at the museum. Casting is a new workshop/experience from Lucinda Guy and Sarah Gray to help develop your magical powers.

All things have a resonant frequency. Generate a sine wave that will affect something important to you. Now write a message you would like to send out into the world. Instead of recording this message, think about it deeply whilst recording another text entirely.

We will take your spoken pieces and sine waves and create a radio programme with hidden magical intentions, then cast it out into the aether.

This London workshop is inspired by our Devon location – the landscape and mythology of Dartmoor and the South Devon Coast, and Totnes culture of gong therapy, psy-trance and crop circles.