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The sun is shining, the primroses are out, and new programmes are pushing their green shoots through the dark earth.

New members have been joining us this year, and are now getting on air with a range of audio delights for our listeners.

Mike Fraser has joined the Tuesday evening team, with the Eclectic Collection, from 7-8 each week.

Dave Clarke of I am the how talks to local business owners about how they spend their time off, in a monthly show, Something for the Weekend, broadcast on he 3rd Sunday of each month from 20th March.

Claire Callendar and Lucinda Guy are beginning a new Thursday night conversation, with Show and Tell. They'll each be bringing along a piece of music, a text and an object to share with one another and the listeners.

Fridays have been quiet - especially since the departure of Jared Pope, now at Runway Radio.  Things are coming back to life, with new programmes starting soon throughout the day and evening.

Charlie Dinnie, who came to use for work experience earlier in the year, starts a new film review show on Saturday afternoons.

Our schedule is full and blooming, but the door is never closed. There is always an odd bit of time to spare, waiting for the next person to walk through the door.