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Support independent, non-commercial, distinctive, grassroots media... welcome to our crowdfunding campaign.

Our campaign is now live at open for the next four weeks. Watch our (quite funny) video there.

In 2006 a group of Dartington College of Arts students and staff decided to set up a radio station.The station would be an experiment in ways of listening to one another and to the surrounding landscape.

Ten years on.... ten facts and figures:

  • Soundart Radio has 8000 local listeners on FM... and many more online
  • Thousands of people have been through our studios, telling their stories and sharing their views and music
  • Hundreds of people are trained each year
  • Over 100 people produce a regular radio programme
  • International art projects seek us out as their broadcast partner of choice
  • We have created valuable oral history archives, working with the National Trust, South Devon AONB and other partners
  • Presenters report extraordinary changes in their lives as they learn skills, meet people and find their radio voice
  • We devise ground breaking shows - then later see them replicated in mainstream media
  • We have relocated our studio 5 times - and now we are better resourced than ever
  • We operate on an average budget of just £20,000 a year

We love what we do - but we know we can do much much more!

Ten ambitions, dreams and desires:

  • Equip our new, wonderful learning space - we need everything from chairs and tables, to computers, mixing desks and microphones
  • Accredited and informal courses in radio for all ages
  • Relocate our antenna to improve our FM signal
  • Radio residencies for artists
  • Weekly open mic nights at the studio where anyone can get up and perform
  • Arts and media summer clubs for local children
  • More training and support for programme makers with disabilities
  • Visit other community radio stations around the UK and around the world to share programmes and expertise
  • Take time to step back a little, reflect and plan
  • Celebrate our 10th anniversary this Autumn with wonderful events and specially commissioned programmes

Donate to our campaign today, and share with your friends and family.
Thank you!