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Soundart Radio X : Ten years of art, love and anarchy on the airwaves

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This November, community radio station celebrates ten years on air.

Lucinda Guy, artistic director and co-founder of the community radio station explains “Ten years ago, the news broke that Dartington College of Arts was planning to break away from the Dartington Hall Estate. Reeling from the shock, along with the rest of the staff and students there, Nell Harrison and myself were ready to launch the first student radio station Dartington had ever had, switching on our signal the very same week. Also in that same week, we had to submit our application to Ofcom for a permanent community radio licence."

"Over the previous year we had both been looking into what kind of radio station we could bring to the area, and were inspired by the relatively new community radio scene around the UK. After years of lobbying from the Community Media Association and others, the government had agreed to make frequencies available for grassroots broadcasters. People were coming together in small communities to form their own, not-for-profit radio stations, many of whom challenged so many of our assumptions about radio. We were inspired too, by a global movement of artists, who wanted to explore the creative potential of radio as an artistic medium and reinvent radio at the time when so much of our audio culture was shifting to digital mediums."

"That week, in November 2006 felt like a turning point for so many, and that year was a year of significant endings and great beginnings for so many things. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, so do so many other community broadcasters around the UK, and around the world. Transition Town Totnes was also launched around the same time, and as we came to terms with the idea that the art college would no longer be there, baby phoenixes began to spring from the ashes. 10 years on, Soundart Radio has survived so many changes, misunderstandings, times of financial drought and kept broadcasting full time - bringing us to 100,000 hours of radio around the end of this year."

Lucinda Guy opens up spaces in radio to allow new connections to happen, training and mentoring hundreds of people to find their radio voice.  Her radio compositions are unscripted, and incorporate hymns, folksongs, metaphysical concepts, found texts and half remembered dreams. She graduated in music, specialising in voice, from Dartington College of Arts, and lives and works with her partner Chris Booth and their four children in Buckfastleigh. 

Radio Revolten

Lucinda Guy and Chris Booth, who are both instrumental in the management and facilitation of the community radio station, have been away from the station for the first time in ten years this autumn. They are in Halle, Germany to support and perform at an international radio art festival called Revolten Radio throughout October 2016.  Lucinda is closing the one-of-a-kind festival with a performance titled A Ritual for Revolten on Sunday 30th October, coinciding with the launch of a new exhibition at Dartington Space.  You can tune in at or 102.5fm at 7pm on 30th October.  For more information about the festival, or to listen to their stream, visit the website 

More events yet to be announced...! Watch this space