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Featured show this week 2nd July 2017

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'Thing Enough' produced by Tony Whitehead for the radia network

Right at the beginning of Soundart Radio in 2006, we approached radia, the international radio art network and asked if we could get involved. That our thinking about radio was precisely in tune with the other network partners became more and more obvious over the years - radia is a 'collective mind' as Sarah Washington, one of its founders, commented to us recently.

Each week, one of the member stations produces a show for the whole network. It was our turn again last week, and we asked Tony Whitehead, who presents our Radio Warblers show, what he would like to do.

His programme, 'Thing Enough' which you can hear on the link below, explores what it is like to be a thing.

This was broadcast on all 26 radia stations. You can hear a new programme from radia each week on Soundart Radio, at 1pm on a Tuesday.