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The Office of Communications is the licensing and regulatory body for community radio in the UK. We report to Ofcom annually against all the key commitments that form our licence, who require us to deliver all of these each year.

Our Key Commitments in full:

Character of service

Soundart Radio aims to create opportunities for practising artists, musicians and engaged consumers to experiment with the medium of radio as a means of creative expression. Soundart Radio serves a rural community distinctive for its independent and innovative approach to art and cultural activity. The station’s broad editorial reach will reflect this spirit by being adventurous in its programming and by providing opportunities for local people to make original and creative programmes.


Live output will typically comprise 60% music and 40% speech.

Music output will comprise a variety of styles including experimental, contemporary classical, electroacoustic, traditional, roots, world, dance music (including hip hop), free improvisation, jazz, local musicians and other sound, e.g. soundscape, sonic art, noise. Music programmes are subject to input of volunteers, who are encouraged to specialise on one genre.

Speech output will include arts (drama, literature, poetry, traditional and contemporary storytelling, comedy etc.), improvised speech, children’s speech, recordings of natural speech, interviews and talks, environmental news and discussion of local issues. Grant funded projects will support volunteers to make speech programming.

Broadcast language will be predominately English with occasional use of other languages, e.g. from other European radio artists. Other languages may feature from time to time depending on community demand and the availability of volunteers.

The service will typically be live for at least 10 hours per day. (Live programming may include prerecorded inserts, if applicable.) The majority of the output will be locally produced.

Social gain objectives

Soundart Radio’s programming will provide an alternative to mainstream radio for local people.

Soundart Radio will encourage grass-roots news gathering, opinion formers and creative thinkers to run regular features and forums.

Soundart will run a continuous programme of informal training and skill-sharing for approx. 50 new programme makers each year.

The Studio Manager will be responsible for training approx 15 producers each year who will in turn support programme makers day to day.

Through a residencies programme artists will run workshops for programme makers to inspire and help renew ideas about the medium.

Soundart is a registered Arts Award Centre and will support 11-25 year olds to work toward this qualification through producing arts magazine programmes and expects to work with 20 young people a year.

Through grant funding Soundart will run outreach creative workshops appropriate to needs of different types of people including families, elderly people and people with disabilities and mental health problems. Workshops will target around 200 people a year.

Soundart Radio supports diverse groups to make programmes about their interests and culture encouraging different sectors of the community to listen to one another.

Soundart will provide opportunities for programme makers to collaborate with a diverse range of people and provide an on-line discussion forum for programme makers and engineers.

Soundart Radio will hold regular open days including ‘have a go at radio’ activities.

Soundart will programme a regular live feedback programme airing people’s points of view.

Soundart Radio will provide a caring and open broadcast space where anyone can feel comfortable to learn and grow in confidence.

Volunteers will access other training opportunities and learn new skills.

Soundart will work with the local authorities to help promote their services and amenities.

It will organize live events which would act as fund-raising and consciousness-raising events for particular social causes.

Soundart will seek to work with Arts Council South West to explore the power of art to promote wellbeing and social inclusion to everyday life.

Access and participation

Soundart will have around 50 persons volunteering each week in the role of regular programme makers. It also expects to have 3 or 4 artists in residence per year, an additional 40 or more one-off programme makers in open slots and 100 guest individuals and groups will feature each year.

Staff and key volunteers will devote time to visiting and talking to specific under-represented groups, supporting them to develop programming designed to stimulate the imagination and possibilities that community radio affords.

Every volunteer will undergo a general introduction to Soundart Radio which will explain its philosophy, aims and objectives. Soundart will operate a process of volunteer shadowing for key positions.

Accountability to the target community

Membership of the station is open to all at a very low cost. Members receive regular newsletters, attend meetings and social events and receive support to make programmes.
An AGM will be held each year with board positions being open to the general public. The board is voted in by the members.

Annual reports are circulated to all members and other interested community groups.
Presenters regularly give out the station’s email address on air inviting feedback and comments.

Achievements of the station are measured through outcomes focused evaluation which all members are asked to participate in.

Comments and criticisms received will be reviewed and responded to by the management group and/or by the board.

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