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The Drift Record Shop Radio Hour

We started broadcasting a one hour show on a Monday night in October 2010 but we were really struggling to play all the new music we wanted to include. We were kindly supported into adapting the format to a two hour broadcast and it seems a much better fit.

We playlist the program with music that has been released physically into our record shop that day. New release Monday. We don't pay a greta deal of attention to the genre, label or calibre of the release, we just listen through to everything and pick out what we loved. There is no agenda because we're rallying for all of the releases to get heard and find their audience.

We're lucky because we get sent a  huge amount of material in advance from labels, distributor and press agents so we kind of know what is coming. Be to be honest, the best way is just to line up all thats week's releases and play them. The best tracks always stick out.

We've learned to relax: we were pretty meticulous at first but it just sounded uncomfortable. We enjoy the show and I think if nothing else that comes across. There are hundreds of "New Music" programs across the various radio spectrums, I guess we want to just make ours into the kind of program we'd listen to. It's a little more ramshackle because of it but I think that is more engaging.

We're proud to be involved with Soundart Radio. It's a supportive station and a great network of people. program makers like 'Jez plays Jazz' and 'extrastereo' are really special and unique. It's a great thing to be part of.

I (Rupert Morrison) ran the Drift Record label and now the Drift Record Shop. I've released a couple of albums and toured sporadically. I have recently been commissioned to write a newspaper about record shops and I am launching it at the years SxSW music conference in Austin Texas.

Luke Jones is a fellow Devon native and trained at the Dartington College. He releases music under the name Lux Harmonium and has received huge critical acclaim and been placed in the new generation of solo guitar players by Wire Magazine amongst others.

We've both collected music for the last twenty years and don't see any reason to stop doing so.