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Fun with Noise

Fun with Noise

A sound and noise making workshop for families

 Let’s make some noise! With seashells and pebbles, pans and sticks, and lots of other things, join us to have fun making and recording new sounds. We’ll have all sorts of fun microphones and recorders to play with, and you’ll have the chance to compose your very own tracks for broadcast on the radio!
The workshop will be led by Tony Whitehead, who’s done this sort of thing before. Charge £10 for one adult and one child. Any additional family members £2 each. No children without adults, no adults without children! If the fee is too much, just let us know and we'll see what we can do. 

Once a month on a Sunday, 10:30-13:00

18th September, 9th October, 13th November, 11th December

Please book in advance at our Event brite page.




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