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Creative Radio Skills

Creative Radio Skills

A course for those who want to broadcast and feel they need some dedicated time to brush up their skills. Whether you are an experienced radio presenter, or have never done any broadcasting before and don't know your mic from your mixer, this is the course for you. Friendly and supportive, we will take things at a gentle pace and cover what you need to know. Sessions will include:

  • Using portable sound recorders
  • Interview techniques
  • Sound editing with audacity software
  • Making great radio features
  • Broadcasting live in the studio
  • Planning and producing a show
  • Creating jingles, dramas and audio experiments
  • Being creative, collaborating and having fun with sound

Open to all, this is an inclusive group. People with disabilities are welcome.

Four sessions, starting on 25th April

 Please book in advance on our Eventbrite page.