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Soundcamp : 2016

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Project Date 2016
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Soundcamp at Dartington is one of many that take place around the world, linked by Reveil: a 24 hour broadcast of the sounds of daybreak, relayed live by audio streamers around the globe.

Reveil starts in Rotherhithe near the Greenwich Meridian and travels West from one open microphone to the next, following the wave of sound that loops the earth with the rising sun, picking up audio feeds from forests, very low frequency receivers, deep ocean hydrophones, urban centres and a network of soundcamps and streamers, in a sequence lasting one earth day.

Our annual Soundcamp includes listening and field recording walks with Tony Whitehead, Somatics workshops with Sarah Gray, and live streaming from our radio studio. At Soundcamp 2016 we walked into Totnes early on May Day morning, to watch Dartington Morris dance at Totnes Castle.

One of the things we love about community radio is being able to listen deeply to the sounds and voices on our doorstep, and share that experience with people around the world. It's so rewarding to make these invisible connections with people and places everywhere.



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