Morning Connections

Morning Connections
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Day Monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday
Times 09:00 - 12:00
How often ? Daily
This show is linked with this project Futures On Air
Start each day with stimulating ideas, up to date research, in depth discussions, and real life stories and experiences, from a wide range of contributors.
Want to take part? A team of volunteers curates and presents around a different theme each day.

Our pilot programmes are on air from 24th May, and are being created in partnership with researchers from Exeter, Plymouth, Bath and Bristol Universities.

The programme themes and contributors are:

Monday 24th May - Animal Conciousness, Sarah Scaife, Stephanie Moran,. Wendy Watkins
Tuesday 25th - Reproductive Health, Shemiza Rashid, Sarah Vaci, Dr Jennifer Thomson, Dr Fran Amery, Dr Melanie Channon
Wednesday 26th  - Heritage and DNA, Kerry Priest, Premal Bhatt, Dr Janet Cotter
Thursday 27th  - Shelter for Daydreams (rpt from Futures 2020) Nienke Terpsma, Kate Paxman, Dave Harbott, Corinne Turner, Shelley Hodgson, Cllr. Huw Cox, Dr Karyn Morrison
Friday 28th - Underwater Sounds & the Erme Estuary Jodie Saunders, Dr Laura Denning, Dr Tim Gordon, Jack Greenhalgh, Sally Sutton, Zoe Latham, Linda Ward
Monday 31st May - Transcendence, Johnny Pavlatos, Marcy Saude, Kate Paxman, Sarah Turton
Tuesday 1st June - Death, Claire Phillips-Callender, Dr John Troyer
Wednesday 2nd June - Mining Heritage, Karen Squire,
Thursday 3rd June - Housing, Nienke Terpsma, Rob Hamelijnck, Tim Crabtree
Friday 4th June - Farming Conversations, Sally Sutton
Wednesday 9th June - Women DJs, Atmosphere and Affect, Frankie Love, Dr Hannah Drayson


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