The Dog Show

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Day Friday
Times 09:00 - 10:00
How often ? Weekly

 Join Judy and guests, both human and canine for a weekly session of Doggie music, Doggie chats, Doggie tales, and Doggie facts. Each week we dive into a different Doggie subject with a different guest.  The show is a mix of serious, funny, touching and ridiculous - all mixed up with some inspiring Doggie music.

Judy, aka The Devon Dog Lady, has a lifetime of a special bond, communication and experience with dogs.  
Judy’s way is about understanding dog psychology and practising Kind Leadership.  She helps people to understand Dog, think Dog and act Dog, so they can be the best leaders of their pack.  If we get this right, we get to enjoy the perfect dog that was always inside.
You can find out more about Judy here -

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