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Barbara Bridger



A screening by artist Barbara Bridger on Friday 7 September at Dartington Space. Buy festival pass today

What did I want to say?  Oh yes – I wanted to say that one cannot say the truth.   One can only transmit it from one body to the other. (Cixous, 1986 p71)       

Projection of a series of 18 short, digital films.  The films are of 'Dartington' women responding to the question 'What is it you wish to speak of?' Each response is intercut with sections of the woman moving to a piece of music of her choice.  


I was inviting women to ‘have a voice’ because I was interested in how such a ‘voice’ might speak itself.  I was trying to offer women an opportunity to practice the identity of the self in a non–hostile environment.                                                        (Brossard, 1988)

Previously screened at tEXt05 and Women Writing & Reading, Past, Present, Local and Global, Alberta University, Canada.