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A DJ set with live vocals by artist Hllywd at Ratatouille on Saturday 8th September. To ensure you can see, hear and feel Hllywd in action attend please buy a weekend pass.  Be in it for the long haul and join the Foxhole party!


Growing up in a small town in the Midlands might thwart some from a life of passionate musical creativity, but not Hllywd. Hllywd took advantage of the musical family that surrounded him and decided to further his knowledge in music by attending Dartington College of Arts. Whilst studying music performance, Hllywd’s own raw and soulful vocal sound emerged. 

The electric-fueled artist has been collaborating with various musical entities over the last decade, bridging genre and geographic gaps, including Andy Brooks (Red Tape), Argy (Recluse, Love Dose), and Marshal Jefferson (Chicago House), the pillar of Chicago house music.

Dedicated to and inspired by music, Hllywd continues to create his own musical empire. 
He finds himself attracted to the palpable, independent spirit of solo artists such as Grace Jones and Roisin Murphy; this can be clearly seen in his live show: a cohesive musical portrait from the melody to the costuming. The underground bass sounds in the UK to Jamaican & electronic/ Dance music continue to call to Hllywd as he develops his writing, a feat for which he has always assumed responsibility, and embarks upon the journey of producing his own music…