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Kosmo Love and Samuel Rodgers


Kosmo Love and Samuel Rodgers

A music improvisation by artists Kosmo Love and Samuel Rodgers on Friday 7 September at Dartington Space. Buy festival pass today to attend.

Kosmo Love + Samuel Rodgers

A collaboration between Kosmo Love & Samuel Rodgers

During the days leading up to STREAM, and up until the day after the event, there will be a strong trine aspect between the planets Mercury, Saturn and Uranus, suggesting a free flowing of energies between these planets. Our performances will consider the relationship between these planetary archetypes and the morphology of sound within an improvised performance. Each performance will take place in spaces with varying degrees of openness to the outdoors (a hermetically sealed studio space; a studio with windows open; and an outdoor space), and we will work with a combination of materials including metal and glass percussion, prepared piano and voice.