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Tessa Gleeson



An art-making process starting on Friday 7 September leading to an exhibition from Saturday 8 until Sunday 9 September. Buy festival pass today to visit the exhibition during Stream

Made alone or with a limited number of collaborators who find me on the morning of Day 1 of STREAM,  this will be a re-run of the generation and execution of my Final Project.

After gaining my degree I laid down my project not knowing how to carry it forward. I return (some Eight years later) to relaunch, having spent the time since Dartington apparently away from my ‘practice’ and feeling this as a frustration, a limitation, a neglect.

From a (revised) starting point of notes made this summer (around the theme ‘an artists life’) comes a workshop exploring the expressive body in relationship to text,  the movements we generate here will be recorded and transferred to material explorations of the lived experience of language and the presentation of experiences past.