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OK Galexa

OK Galexa

A love story set in the digital data desert, where the only surviving remnants of the world as we know it are preserved in Alexa and OK Google. Being coded from different softwares, the two voice assistants scroll through a vast data bank of recorded voice, field recordings and snippets of overheard song to programme a mutual language through which they might communicate. This three part docu-drama explores the mark humans have left on the world while allowing us to look at ourselves through the eyes of the machines that will outlive us.


Femi Oriogun-Williams

Femi is a writer, musician and audio producer based in London. His work has been broadcast on Radio 4 and his podcasts with Somerset House and Rough Guides have recently been shortlisted in the British Podcast Awards. As a musician and writer he has been involved in multiple productions including In Our Bones (VAULTS, 2020) and Magdalene (Battersea Arts, 2019). His audio work has also been exhibited at Somerset House and Science Gallery London.