Artsmark is the creative quality standard for schools and education settings, awarded by Arts Council England, recognising their commitment to high quality arts and cultural education.

Soundart Radio is proud to be supporting schools and education settings on their Artsmark journey, inspiring children and young people to create, experience, and participate in great arts and culture.

We offer education settings who are working towards, or currently hold an Artsmark Award, with the following opportunities  for key stages 1 and 2:

Studio Visit

We can accommodate groups at our licensed FM radio studio, to see how a radio station works.

In your setting

Workshop 1:

Charcoal sound portraits

We invite children of all ages to create a self portrait in charcoal, and to tell us a story in which their drawing comes to life. These stories are recorded and broadcast.

Artforms: drawing; storytelling; sound recording

Workshop 2:

Sound textures

Hunting for sounds in and around the classroom, and out of doors, and using digital recorders and crayon rubbings to capture textures, sounds and descriptions. Children are encouraged to use detailed descriptive language and deep listening to explore and map their world, and create a collaborative textile map of their school.

Artforms: printing; crayon rubbing; sound recording


Our activities cover the following curriculum areas: Science; English Language; PSHE; Geography; Art; Music

Learning outcomes include: confidence in speaking and listening; understanding sound recording technologies; arts award portfolio building

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To find out how Soundart Radio can support your Artsmark journey, contact

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