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Complaints Procedure


We always aim for high standards in all areas of our work. This includes, how we operate our premises, collaborate with colleagues, volunteers and partner organisations, our broadcast content and our learning and community work.

Participants’ and audiences’ views are important to us, and help us to continue to shape and improve our organisation. If you are unhappy with something, it’s important to let us know.


Making a suggestion

Often people feel more comfortable about suggesting improvements rather than complaining formally. Anyone may make a suggestion, by:

  • Posting a card into the studio suggestion box

  • Using our online contact form at

Making a complaint

We aim to handle complaints quickly, effectively and in a fair and honest way. We take all complaints seriously and use valuable information to help us improve the service we provide. We will only share information provided on a need to know basis.


Who can complain

Anyone affected by the way Soundart Radio operates can make a complaint.

A representative may complain for the affected person if they cannot make a complaint themselves, or have given consent for the representative to act on their behalf. You can also make a complaint on behalf of a child or vulnerable adult.


How you can make a complaint

  1. In the first instance, please raise your concern with a member of staff. 

  2. If they are not able to deal with the matter to your satisfaction, the next step is to put your complaint in writing, either on paper to our registered address, or by email to

  3. If the matter is not resolved at this stage, please write to our Chairperson who can be contacted at

  4. Complaints received by the Chairperson will be reviewed at either a full board meeting, or a specially convened group to look at your concern. You will be made aware of the date of this meeting, and of the likely timescale of our final response to you.


We will keep you informed about the progress of the investigation. We aim to have the process finished within 28 working days unless we agree to a different time scale with you. 

When we have finished investigating, we will write to you with:

  • details of the findings;

  • any action we have taken; and

  • our proposals to resolve your complaint.  


Time limits

You should complain as soon as you can after the date on which the event occurred or came to your notice. If you complain more than twelve months later, we may not be able to investigate properly. But we shall also consider whether you had good reason for not making the complaint sooner and whether, despite the delay, it is still possible to investigate the complaint effectively and fairly.



Further steps

If you are not happy with the way the service is dealing with your complaint you can contact our regulatory bodies:


Ofcom (Office of Communications)

Ofcom regulates on air activity, and deals with complaints such as inappropriate language on a radio programme. They can also look into matters relating to volunteering, training and general operations of our organisation. Complaints can be made via Ofcom’s website, for more information see:


Ofsted (Office of Education)

Ofsted are the regulatory body for our childcare service. They can be contacted at or 0300 123 4666. More information can be found at