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Rachel Sweeney + Drew Bigglestone




A site-responsive, durational dance performance by Rachel Sweeney and Drew Bigglestone on Saturday 8 September at Dartington Space. Buy festival pass today to attend.

In 1993 Rachel Sweeney and Andrew Biggleston were in their first year of a Theatre Studies program at Dartington College of Arts. Originally a group composition directed by Diana Theodores, BALLET BLANC was their first performance assignment: 2x characters, 1x large table (white) 2x large plates full of food (white), 4x hours….the rest is history.

This performance attempts to re-embody, re-animate and re-digest the traces of a 25 year old shared performance experience. Each artist acknowledges the memory gaps, overlaps and mythologies that have replaced the original event and the piece will attempt to transcribe performance events that have happened in the ensuing decades which will serve to animate the table cloth as the piece develops as a transcript of forgotten and recovered performance archives.